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Career Case Study

Career Case Study

Stephen Westwood - Trainer

When did you start in Eishtec?
I started my career with Eishtec in August 2012.

What was your first role?
My first role in Eishtec was as a "Loyatly Agent", where customers would call in looking for an upgraded phone.

How long were you in this role?
I was a Loyalty Agent for a total of nine months.

What did you enjoy about this role?
Earning a commission on every single product I sold was really enjoyable, plus I knew I could look forward to a healthy bonus as a result of my hard work. 

Career Case Study

Career Case Study

After your first role, what positions did you hold on the way to your current role?
Once I'd spent 9 months in the Loyalty Department I was transferred to the Retentions department. This was a complete change to being a member of the Loyalty Team because my job was now to work with customers considering leaving our client's network in finding the best possible deal for them.

When did you start in your current role?
After several years on the Retentions team I successfully applied for a position as a trainer, and moving into my new role in May 2015.

What's your favourite part of your current role?
Working as a trainer means I get to travel a lot, meeting new people almost every month, and I have a lot of freedom in how I do my job.

What would you say to people starting with Eishtec?
I'd recommend that they have fun, make the most of each day and the opportunities it gives you, and to exceed yourself in everything you do.

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