Case Study

Telecom Broadband Onshoring

2015 - Present | 220 Agents (approx.)

In April 2015 Eishtec was appointed to implement Home Broadband Service operation.

The operation was to be a 3-month trial to outsource this service for the first time. The service was also provided out of 2 in-house centres. The initial brief was to repatriate from India and the Philippines the HBB service into the UK while offering value, customer service improvements & process improvements.

Case Study Outcomes



improvement in year on year Net Promoter Score following Eishtec intervention



increase in client company operational efficiency across multiple channels



Agent conversations in first 6 months of operation

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  • NSAI Certificate
  • PCI
  • Six Sigma
  • IITD
  • Fetac
  • ISO 27001
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