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Iberian Connection for Eishtec as it Eyes Expansion Under New Boss

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Iberian Connection for Eishtec as it Eyes Expansion Under New Boss

Eishtec, the customer service provider which hires 1,500 staff across Ireland and Britain, has appointed Heather Reynolds as chief executive and announced plans to open an office in Madrid. 

Reynolds was one of the founders of Eishtec, which has clients in sectors such as telecoms, social media, healthcare, edtech and fintech. Her appointment is the first in a number of structural changes at the firm which includes the creation of a board of directors and the appointment of Martin Murphy, former managing director of HP Ireland, as chair.

"Building on our success to date, Eishtec is starting on a new journey of growth and further expansion, with a particular focus on diversity into new markets. We believe the new structural changes will set the firm up for further success into the future." Reynolds said.

"We remain firmly aligned to our belief in challenging the quality of service at every point. There are exciting times ahead for Eishtec, and I look forward to leading a strong, dynamic and growing company into the future."

"We believe Madrid is the perfect location due to its availablity of young talent for the positions we will be creating." she said.

"Our ambition is to become a global, multilingual, multicultural service provider, delivering the highest quality service across multiple verticals to our international clients."

"We are confident that we have developed a contact operating model that focuses on customer experience through our people underpinned by our omnichannel technology. Our growth is a testiment of our capability, integrity and innovative approach to our people, customers and clients."

Murphy said "I am very excited about helping to direct the future of Eishtec, a company that is constantly challenging the way in which customer services are being provided. I admire the way the company is commited to its goals of excellence and delivering outstanding sales and high quality services to its clients. The company is currently in an ambitious growth phase, and I look forward to being part of that."

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