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Managed Customer Engagements in a Digital Age

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Managed Customer Engagements in a Digital Age

In 2018, consumers will continue to demand more and more from companies they transact with. Keeping up with the level of change and maintaining the seamless and easy engagements for consumers, across all channels, is a challenge.

Consumer demands in 2018

Over the last decade, we have seen a seismic shift in the proliferation of digital technology which, in turn has driven consumer demand, heightening expectations of what good is.

We are now seeing a new generation of digitally native customers who, prefer speed and efficiency over human contact and where, 88% expect to complete a transaction in a digital domain without the need to speak to anyone.

As a result, organisations are having to re-think their customer experience, moving beyond the traditional phone and chat to a more instantly gratifying service across a  range of interconnected channels based on customer preference. The demand for ease of transaction is not stopping, as one channel is introduced, another disruptive technology is created.

Failure to stay at the forefront of digital evolution will ultimately lead companies to extinction, as consumers seek alternative solutions that meet their expectations. In 2018, what is very evident, is that customer experience has now become critical to the bottom line of a company and as such, deserves focus.

So how do companies stay relevant whilst maintaining a strong brand, quality of delivery, excellence in engagements, managed costs and accelerated time to market?

Eishtec Digital First BPO

Our proposition, Eishtec’s Digital First BPO, is created out of the belief that companies and their suppliers must design services around their customers and that, to remain relevant, they must be able to quickly adapt and embrace new disruptive channels.

Eishtec, has been delivering managed customer engagement services for many years to recognised brands like EE and Dixons Carphone Warehouse, our clients’ businesses have changed beyond all recognition. Our  commitment, is to ensure their customers continue to receive excellent service as consumer expectations change.

With more than 75% of outsourcing contracts now requiring services across multiple channels and 88% of consumers wanting to complete their transactions digitally, we established a fully managed service, taking a digital first approach, that delivers from the customer perspective, with the right journey regardless of channel.

Digital First BPO offers our clients, a fully outsourced customer engagement service that, in partnership with the world leading provider of cloud based omnichannel  technology, delivers an  evergreen solution, that will meet your customers’ needs today and into the future.

Digital First BPO is a comprehensive, end-to-end managed service that brings together two world class capabilities:

1.    Eishtec’s expertise in providing high performing customer engagement services that continually and successfully challenge and improve the standards of service,

2.    A world leading, cloud based, contact centre solution providing a fully blended, omni-channel capability, with a unified engine and desktop that provides end to end orchestration and visibility of your customer journeys.

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